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About EnerQi Health

Welcome to EnerQi Health – An expression of my passion for transformative health & wellness care, joyful and creative living, and positive social action for the good of all.

The name EnerQi (‘ener-chee’) is an integration of West and East – combining words we use to describe our life force, the impulse that propels us to create, to grow, and to heal. Of course, it’s a close homonym of the English word, energy! One day, it came naturally to my lips and wouldn’t leave – so I decided to make it my brand, my offering to you all.

For the last thirty years, the art and science of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has been part of my life — and I recognize that every aspect of my inherent gifts and life’s journey has prepared me to relieve suffering and foster healing in others. True healing happens in the province of our spirit, in communion with the Source that brings us into existence: thus, healing comes through me, not from me. It is in that spirit that I offer you my healing services, my medicine: as a clinician, advisor, and trusted ally.

Now entering my 23rd year as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Board-certified Chinese Herbalist, my respect continues to grow for the wisdom and healing effects of Chinese Medicine: its rootedness in Nature and the cosmos, its meticulous understanding of the interweaving of body, mind, and spirit — and most importantly, its gentle and effective methods to restore physiological functions when they have diminished or suffered damage.

The physical body is a precious vehicle for our life experience: so caring for it in the right way, learning how to listen to its subtle and sometimes dramatic messages, and taking time to replenish and sustain one’s vitality over the course of a lifetime is central to what I teach my patients — and how I nourish my own being, so I can help others.

I invite you to check out the short articles I’ve written on the Home page that describe my clinical offerings, and discover additional content in the Blog section! To receive my occasional new posts in your Mail, please sign up on this page (column to the right) by submitting your email address.  You won’t be bombarded, I promise! My intention is to provide you with an informative, dynamic site that you’ll want to turn to frequently and share with your friends.

Wishing you a healthy and fruitful journey!    
Christy Allen, L.Ac.,Dipl.O.M. (NCCAOM)
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