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Long Distance Consultations


If you are too far away from my office in Tucson, Arizona to see me in person: Don’t worry! Today’s global connectivity allows for a wide range of options, and it’s my goal to reach more and more people who need reliable information and objective advice about Traditional Chinese Medicine, but may not have an experienced provider at hand.

Here’s how you can proceed:

  • Email me with your contact information and request a free call to discuss and implement a plan for a long-distance consult:  christy@EnerQiHealth.com –  which will be for either a 60 minute consultation, or a 90-minute consultation, based on your needs and priorities. I will call you back to discuss my offering in detail, and how you can best use my help — and if you want to move forward, then we can arrange a time for our online appointment. I will then email you a PayPal invoice, which you can securely prepay for this consultation booking online. Once I’ve received verification of payment, I’ll send you a confirmation of our session time, date and method of contact. (It is your obligation to be available at that time and place, as arranged.)
  • I will then ask you to locate a form on my website (see Patients’ Info on the Home page) to fill out and email to me at least one business week prior to any consultation we’ve set up. This is vital, so that I can become informed about critical aspects of your health history and present areas of concern; it will make our time together as efficient as possible.
  • If you are able to use Skype, then we can easily talk face-to-face. Please let me know if you want to utilize this option, as we will need to share Skype handles prior to connection. This is wonderful if we can do it, but OK if we cannot. You need a reliable Wi-Fi/Internet connection for Skype to work well; so consider your best bet, in your particular location. Phone can always be a back-up plan!
  • Following our consultation, you will receive via email a summary of my impressions, advice, and suggestions for ways you can move forward with your health concerns. For some, a periodic check-in after the Initial consult is an excellent idea. If you feel this would benefit you, ask me about 3-month and 6-month plans, in which you can prepay and secure a reduced consultation rate for either 60- or 90-minute timeframes.
  • Right now, I can be available for these long-distance consults on Wednesdays, Saturdays and/or Sundays only, between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Arizona time: which is the same as the US Pacific zone in summer/daylight time, but Mountain Standard Time the rest of the year; AZ doesn’t change, when other zones do!) There may be occasional possibilities for other timeframes, based on my in-person clinic schedule — but I seldom have times available on those days, so it’s best to try to work out options on Wed/Sat/Sun.
  • If you think this MIGHT be the answer you’re looking for, and would like to discuss it with me just a bit before moving forward to schedule a paid consultation:  I’m happy to chat with you for 15-minutes at no cost, no obligation to book. Email me if this is what you need, provide your phone number, and I’ll be in touch!
  • My core goal is to extend quality care — something I’m known for — to as many people as possible. I hope this newly-emerging option is helpful to you!