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About EnerQi Health

Welcome to EnerQi Health.com™ 🌻 Launched in 2010, this website has been an expression of my dedication to transformative health & wellness care, joyful and creative living, and progressive social action. 
I coined the name “EnerQi” ™  in 2010 to express the central concept of “energy” in health and medicine, using both English and Mandarin Chinese terms. “Qi”  is the Chinese word used to describe the active, animating principle of our living universe ~ as well as the life force manifested in one’s own body, mind and spirit. Qi is the essential impulse that propels us to grow, to create, to heal.
From 2010 – 2021, EnerQiHealth.com functioned chiefly as a source of information for prospective patients applying to my private clinic in Tucson, Arizona ~ but also showcased short feature essays I wrote, hoping to deepen readers’ understanding about the arcane field of Chinese Medicine. I invite you to dig into some of the Blog archives, to see what’s of interest. You may also “like” my evolving project, “Age Like A Sage”™ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AgeLikeASage 
I closed the clinic in September, 2021 and have spent the last year in France and with East Coast family, mulling over the next steps. I’m settling back into life in Tucson and will be devoting most of my time to writing, and re-designing my offerings.
Stay tuned, and thanks for your interest!
 Christy Allen, L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist, NCCAOM
Mobile: 520-401-9796  or email:  christy@EnerQiHealth.com