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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture & Oriental MedicineWe all need care! Some of that is self-care: positive lifestyle, a good diet, and healthy relationships. But we can’t do it all alone. Life inevitably brings health challenges, and we need trusted resources to turn to — to help us re-charge our batteries, recover from illness, and transform those aspects of ourselves that need help in order to change. I’m confident that Oriental Medicine has an incredible capacity to help you  – if you use it!

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (OM) is a vast sea of medical wisdom, providing more than 3,000 years of meticulous medical scholarship that can be applied to present-day health concerns. Here are some of the distinctions I’d draw about its 

  • OM is a comprehensive system of medicine, with traditional diagnostic methods and time-tested logic for why and how pathologies arise, as well as a broad spectrum of clinical solutions to restore health: custom-prescribed herbal medicines, acupuncture, physical therapies, nutritional approaches, subtle energy work, mind-body therapies, exercises… from which I can choose the best combination for your unique situation.
  • OM provides a fresh diagnostic viewpoint:  Frequently, I tackle very complex cases with multiple, chronic issues that are deemed (in Western medicine) as irreversible, or unrelated to each other. But from an OM perspective, I gather evidence in a different manner, and put these “puzzle pieces” together differently: often seeing what a conventional physician would not, coming from a different paradigm. Obtaining this different perspective is often the key to finding a better solution — guiding me to prescribe remedies and/or perform treatments that “crack the case.”
  • OM is cost-effective: Its holistic approach seeks the common root of multiple manifestations of disease — so treatment can produce a wide spectrum of benefit. For example: I might treat a patient who comes with a digestive disorder as their key complaint — but find during our Initial Evaluation that they also suffer from periodic asthma, frequent headaches, bowel problems, chronic depression, seasonal allergies and poor immune function. Instead of this patient needing care from 5 or 6 different specialists, paying multiple co-pays for office visits, and numerous prescription drugs for each problem – tackling these issues as though they are separate manifestations (which in a holistic view they are not) – Oriental Medicine will address the common source of symptoms and seek to restore the best health possible for any individual. Treating in this restorative and ultimately preventative way is not only a solid medical approach, but also a smart economic choice.
  • It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of medicine: No two patients are treated alike, even if they are both labelled with the same disease in Western medicine. Each time you come for care, you receive a treatment based on what is currently happening — which incorporates what has occurred since I last saw you. People usually note how different they feel at the end of a session. Personalized care, tailored to your needs, is better care!
  • Prevention and support for wellness is what you come for, when you’re not sick! In fact, healthy children and teens now receiving OM care will have a better chance at using this form of healthcare to protect and maintain their health! It’s fantastic to see all the members of a family: each potentiates the others’ wellness.
  • Many allopathic physicians respect Chinese Medicine and refer clients, especially when the recognize that their care programs are not sufficiently corrective, or have too many side effects. But unfortunately, patients are sometimes told they are receiving the highest standard of care possible, and that nothing more can be done  – but their provider may not know that I have reliable success with that very condition! You have to look outside the box, to find what exists outside the box! No one knows it all… including me. All good doctoring involves a network.
  • Licensed Acupuncturists are often the ones that spot serious medical problems, and refer clients to conventional or integrative physicians. We spend considerable time with our patients, hands-on, and get to know them very well. Our methods of assessment can discover problems that are just in the early stages. A good L.Ac. is comfortable collaborating with conventional and integrative physicians, and doesn’t hesitate to refer patients who need evaluation from a Western perspective.
  • Healing takes time. Nature proceeds at its own pace, and healing usually manifests gradually. Correspondingly, you have to be patient with natural forms of healing, such as OM. This is why restoring the body’s energy system is key. Without a healthy and balanced energy system to restore organs and tissues to optimum function, your progress will be slow at best. This is why we see you incrementally, and build your capacity to improve…while helping you to adopt a healthier lifestyle as well. Eating better, being active, resting well, eliminating stressors: you have to do your part, as Nature and I do ours!
  • Self-care is the best healthcare – but we all benefit from each others’ help. Reach out to get an objective, fresh perspective. That’s what I’m here for!