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Problems with One-Size-Fits-All Health Advice

Mass media has given us the benefit of so many sources of health information that we are literally awash with suggestions about how to eat, exercise, improve sleep, have better moods, etc…. ad infinitum.

Making Positive Changes: The Law of Inertia

How refreshing it is, to begin a new cycle! To clean out the old, the uninspiring, the things that don’t work anymore — and bring in the new: Fresh, pure, full of possibility.

Getting Support: Why It “Takes a Village”

Most of us are aware of the value of group support. Through our community networks, family structure, and perhaps a best friend or two, we find a way to share the burdens and joys of our lives. Where… Read More

Getting the Point

If you’re trying to select a Licensed Acupuncturist for your care, you may not think much about needle technique — but once you’ve made your choice of Practitioner, you will encounter it! And, much of the efficacy of… Read More

Poetry in Practice

Once, when a client asked me: “Why did you become an Acupuncturist?” I immediately confessed: “Because I always wanted to be a poet.” A bit enigmatic, perhaps — but it was one of the truest responses I could… Read More

The Sap Also Rises: Springtime Qi

Spring!! How delightful it is to feel its bursts of energy, its spinning, turning nature that makes plants twirl up from deep in the ground–and causes vines to curl around whatever they can grasp, to withstand the winds… Read More

First Steps

Given my background in both Oriental Medicine and Integrative Medicine, I frequently evaluate folks referred to me with substantial complexities. These fall into 4 basic categories: See where you align!

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

We all need care! Some of that is self-care: positive lifestyle, a good diet, and healthy relationships. But we can’t do it all alone. Life inevitably brings health challenges, and we need trusted resources to turn to — to… Read More