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Sampling the words of my clients… and a few colleagues —

♥ “Something in your face told me that you had been to the verge of the unknown… and that you carry many people’s songs in your eyes and heart.”  GA, Artist and Healer

♥ “I felt incredibly relaxed and serene after my treatment, in a way that I have not experienced before.  I felt more expansive somehow during the treatment and have felt the sharp contrast of those moments with what has become a somewhat contracted me, in my everyday state. I realized that I had been under the assumption that my creaky joints, lighter periods and to some extent, fatigue were all just consequences of aging, versus things that could be improved. I thought about what limited tools I have as a physician to heal people in deeper ways – how I wish I had some manual skills to be able to interact with people more directly… How grateful I am that our paths have crossed — and how difficult it is to have a true appreciation of the power of other types of medicine/healing practices, without direct experience!  ML, Integrative Family Physician, Tucson

♥ “Spending a day observing your practice was truly transformative… I feel enriched by the experience of observing you. I have never experienced so much thoughtfulness and generosity in a medical context. The way you relate to patients and respect their own innate power and strength is inspiring.”  NL, MPH + current medical student, New York

♥ “Just wanted you to know that the last treatment made an enormous difference with the hot flashes and the (chronic) knee problem.  I had NO hot flashes that night and only 1 last night.  Great!!  I was amazed to discover that I could actually  feel my (knee) joint again…the pain… hasn’t come back.  Instead, I’m very aware of the surgical site around the joint, now without the cushiony swelling all around it. Many thanks!”  CW, Mediator, Boston area

♥ “I left feeling warm and sunny, optimistic and supported.” CD, Community Planner, MA

♥ “As an emergency physician, I am constantly suffering from colds and respiratory infections, despite taking vitamins and using all the standard precautions.  Thanks to the herbal regimen (you) prescribed, aimed at strengthening my immune system, this year for the first time, I have experienced the longest period of wellbeing and protection ever.”  MS, Physician

♥ “I started as a skeptic and ended as a firm believer in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.  You delivered!  I don’t know how it works… but all of my complaints have been successfully addressed.  Thanks to acupuncture, nutritional counseling and botanical supplements I have eliminated medications, reduced others, have more energy, and achieved better health.  Not a bad return from one provider.”   GS, Retired educator

♥ “An ordinary Acupuncturist expects the ordinary — you imagine I might bleed poetry… What an extraordinary healer!”  NTR, Business owner

♥ “Just want you to know how MUCH better I feel. It’s absolutely amazing…  My body is much more comfortable, relaxed, & moving well. I just had the most “normal” visit to the bathroom since surgery. Wow!!! It’s so great. YOU’RE so great. Yes, I know it’s God, but you’re the fantastic vehicle he’s chosen. I am SO very blessed. I had a little pain at the site of the laprascopic incision, like I had before it healed. I just breathed through it, stayed trusting and relaxed, and said,”It’s ok and just a part of this deeper healing.” And that was that. Whew. Everything is fine!  A huge thank you from my heart to yours. I loved the (initial) treatment, I loved the prayer, and I am very grateful. Thank you for all the info… May all your dreams come true and be 1,000 times more wonderful than you ever dreamed possible!” BP, referred by AZ Cancer Center for unremitting spasm after bowel surgery

♥ “As someone who’s suffered from disabling headaches, I’ve tried a lot of Acupuncturists… like a chocolate box sampler. You, my dear, are the Godiva chocolate!”  KM, Retired attorney

♥ “I was just telling someone about my (prior) Acupuncture school… telling her that we had one really good instructor… you!  I really enjoyed the way you were able to pull all the pieces together so that they made sense. Thank you! ” Former student, AZ

♥ “WOW — That was better than a martini!” WD, Photographer

♥ “Some years ago, after struggling with menopausal symptoms that were disrupting my life…what I called “malignant menopause,” I began taking hormone replacement therapy. Hot flashes would begin with a wave of nausea and sense of impending doom, peaking with rivulets of sweat dripping down the sides of my face, chest, arms and legs. Even my hands! I could have 5 or 6 of these in an hour, and my sleep was constantly interrupted all night long. Eventually, I was taken off hormone replacement therapy by my physician, and…my severe symptoms returned in no time flat! I decided to try acupuncture – someone recommended Christy, and I made my first appointment. The improvement was almost immediate! She treated me with Chinese herbs and weekly acupuncture for about 2.5 months. I still have some hot flashes (now & then), but they’re the garden variety now — much more manageable and getting much less frequent. What’s most important: I’m able to get a full night’s rest, undisturbed by hot flashes and episodes of restlessness and wakefulness. This is part of my health care now. Thanks!”  J.M., Editor and former Nurse