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First Steps

Given my background in both Oriental Medicine and Integrative Medicine, I frequently evaluate folks referred to me with substantial complexities. These fall into 4 basic categories: See where you align!

  • People who have been unable to resolve chronic problems – and often, have something acute on top of that, which spurs the appointment. These clients are often referred to me by other health providers, when the supportive or corrective care I can give will benefit their other medical treatments — common for oncology, rheumatology, internal medicine, neurology, cardiology, gynecology, urology, pulmonology/ENT, orthopedics, and similar. There’s great benefit in collaboration — especially in these specialty fields where trauma or dysfunction has advanced, and may be causing more functional compromise, over time. 
  • Same as above, but this person comes after other strategies have proved inadequate, or too toxic to continue: and it’s time to try something different; there may be substantial frustration, disappointment, or anxiety and fear to address.
  • Someone navigating on their own, working to improve their self-care and reaching out for help with the things they can’t figure out or address on their own; many of these people have specific, focal concerns.   
  • Someone who’s basically healthy, but has a few things they’d like to work on… as well as the desire to pursue wellness and preventive care strategies. Common interests in enhancing life: vitality, longevity, better cognition, personal growth, sexual health while aging, finding inner tranquility, alleviating stress, optimizing nutrition…  

You might be wondering: Why does the relatively “healthy” person appears on my list? The reason is, we’re all very complex creatures, with significant histories and stories to tell — in fact, stories our body tells. It’s the height of hubris, actually, that any doctor could assume to know you, too quickly… or could boil down your complaints into a “label” — and then assume how to treat “it” — when the real question is:  Who are you? And, what is arising – symptomatically and energetically – within the context called “you”? In our medical culture, the former has become commonplace: But that doesn’t mean it’s the best medicine.

Experience has taught me that there are no short-cuts through this terrain: We are complex beings, whether “healthy” or not, and we deserve to be carefully listened to, and professionally evaluated, before recommendations are made, or any treatment is performed.

Clients often remark that the traditional Oriental Medicine Health History and Evaluation is one of the most interesting and thorough explorations of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that they’ve ever had! It also provides a clearer foundation for the follow-on care: which ends up saving you money, and produces better outcomes.

That said, I’m happy to offer a free 20-minute phone consult  to discuss your needs and my clinical process.

The Initial Evaluation is the first stage of what I call “Phase I” care – including physical diagnosis, and 4 x 90-minute treatments that typically involve Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Manual therapies (Tuina, cupping, moxibustion, Gua Sha, etc), Nutrition & Lifestyle recommendations, and Self-Care instruction. “Phase II” is similar, but the time is reduced to 60-minute sessions or tailored to the individual’s needs.

I’m not the cheapest provider – but one who is known for great skill, personalized care, and good results! I also come well-recommended by physicians at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine; and my collaborative style helps me to integrate your Chinese Medicine care with that provided by your other doctors, whenever possible.

I look forward to serving you in whatever way I can!

Christy Allen, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.