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Friendship with the Night

If you find yourself walking at the edge of your very soul, feeling as though you are in the Valley of the Shadow, I know what you’re going through. I’ve wandered in the same Wasteland, and wondered if I could survive…and if so, How?  And whether you call it a spiritual crisis, a terminal condition, inter-generational depression, or post-traumatic stress, please know that you can get through this time, if you make friendship with the healing and restorative properties of the Night.

To understand this more deeply, please watch the short video below. Masters of both word and form share what they know of this precarious space and the transformative power it holds, as you survive its pitfalls. Every word of their message rings true with what I know as a spiritual seeker and healer, helping other people to find strength to cross these inner bridges. I have found a measure of sweet solace in surrendering to what they describe as the “creative imperative” — and what fellow traveler Joan Halifax has called “the fruitful darkness.”

This does not mean that you must do it without guidance, support, encouragement, faith — so reach out, as needed. As you find your way, you will see the necessity of reclaiming your happiness and wholeness as only you can. And then you can help others cross this terrain – you will have made friends with the Night.  Peace & Blessings. 

Link to the Video:    “The Creative Imperative “- David Whyte and Jerry Wennstrom:    


Book cited:  The Fruitful Darkness: Reconnecting with the Body of the Earth –  by Joan Halifax (Harper Collins, 1993)

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  1. Thanks, Connie – Good luck with the new Foundation site, and congrats on your own good health! I’ll look forward to future info from you. Chinese Medicine certainly has lots to offer the field of Oncology and the scores of patients who need alternatives. Many blessings.