Problems with One-Size-Fits-All Health Advice

Mass media has given us the benefit of so many sources of health information that we are literally awash with suggestions about how to eat, exercise, improve sleep, have better moods, etc…. ad infinitum. Suggestions like these may tout the value of a specific food or herb, or endorse a certain philosophical approach — while others provide warnings about something you should fear or avoid. From the standpoint of providing you with ideas to consider, it’s generally OK. But often, these “one-size-fits-all” healthcare recommendations won’t be the best advice for YOU.  Perhaps they won’t harm you — but they may not be well-tailored to your specific needs, either. And too often, they can be counter-productive. That’s a waste of money… money you could spend on something more fitting for you.

Helping you to do the right thing is key to my role as a Chinese Medicine practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist. Over the past 27 years, I’ve applied the diagnostic practices and traditional wisdom of Acupuncture & Oriental (East Asian) Medicine to provide each of my patients with an objective, tailored assessment of their health: this provides a starting point that leads to practical, therapeutic treatments and lifestyle recommendations, aimed to optimize each person’s optimum wellness and resistance to disease.

As I learn about your family and social history, past and recent health challenges, the medicines you use, your dietary and lifestyle practices, your tendencies in mood and behavior — I form a baseline diagnosis of your Five Element “constitutional type.” I use all my senses, as I observe your breathing, your voice, the flow of Qi in your meridians (via Chinese pulse-taking and body palpation) — this and many other aspects uniquely combined in you. This enables me to assess the functional organ systems of your body and discern patterns of disharmony that need to be addressed in treatment. This type of custom-tailored diagnosis allows my patient and I to set more precise, individualized goals, and then work together to achieve them.

Thus, Traditional Diagnosis doesn’t seek to put you in a box with others labeled with the same condition — rather, the process reveals your unique mixture of strengths and weaknesses.

Toss out the notion, of one-size-fits-all advice! Get some objective, skilled assessment that is philosophically rooted in recognizing you for the individual that you are… and then, work the program!