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Six Fingers on the Pulse of Life

Six Fingers on the Pulse of Life
Quite simply, one of the most unique experiences in the world can be had through the 6 fingers of an Acupuncturist, tracing the vibration and shifting shape of a patient’s radial pulse, and observing the human energy field as it winks at you!

Ancient sages that developed this body of knowledge discovered more than 2500 years ago that rhythms of the inner body could be interpreted with great precision through 6 finger positions, usually taken at the wrist. Applying pressure to at least 2 depths, or sometimes 3, I can “surf” the Qi of my patient’s body, checking each of the inner organs, assessing the individual’s emotional tone, the condition and flow of their blood, the movement (or not) of Breath, and feel the microcosm of Life itself as expressed in the wave of the pulse.

Oriental Medicine reveals universal principles at work, modified by individual lives lived – and one begins to see how grand themes reveal themselves, and in what way the universal impulse to heal is expressed (or not.)  For the past 17 years, I’ve been witness to incredible experiences of health and healing.  I thought it might be valuable to occasionally offer a glimpse into the hidden side of my art, and to describe for readers the numinous field of potential to which all healers submit, to do inspired work.

Over time, I’ll try to describe what I’ve seen and what interests me. I hope you’ll return regularly to be inspired, informed – and maybe even moved – by the many ways that this ancient medicine, and its related disciplines, can serve 21st century needs.

Please join me on this journey!