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The Sap Also Rises: Springtime Qi

Spring!! How delightful it is to feel its bursts of energy, its spinning, turning nature that makes plants twirl up from deep in the ground–and causes vines to curl around whatever they can grasp, to withstand the winds of this impetuous season. Here in Arizona, dust devils arise from nowhere, and gusts of wind howl through the canyons, and just as suddenly, disappear. In all climates, we tend to see the effects of wind: leaves quaking, sand shifting — and witness its additive effects when coupled with extreme cold, dampness, or heat.

In Chinese Medicine, Springtime within the body can bring similar effects as the “sap” rises in us — dizziness, trouble sleeping past 4 am, neck tension, headaches, tremors, spasms and stiffness – all showing up in my treatment room right on schedule! It’s a good time to receive Asian bodywork, move your joints with vigorous exercise, and seek out the help of a good Chinese herbalist to deal with any symptoms of “wind” within –  and/or prescribe a Spring tonic that’s customized for YOU!

Acupuncture points that correspond with the Wood Element of Spring bring mental clarity, improvements in vision (inner and outer), nourish ligaments and tendons, and ease  the tension of rapid growth and expansion. (Think of Spring as the impulsive adolescent of the seasons…) If activity is not balanced by sufficient down-time, one’s torso and limbs will lack the right combination of suppleness and strength needed for all the activities of life.

Foods great at this time of year: Fresh dandelion greens, shots of wheat grass, asparagus, sour tastes like lemon and lime, red goji berries (Lycii), and chrysanthemum tea. Rhubarb is another incredible tart food – great in sauces and pies – and the root has long been used for its purgative, heat-clearing properties. Go for the tart cherries and berries, as they come in, and don’t sweeten if you can…pucker up! Your body will clear Winter’s sludge – and you’ll have an easier time, as Summer approaches.

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